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Hormonal Balance & Fertility Course

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Forever! We actually recommend that you return to the modules over time. You will find out keys and golden nuggets that you may have missed previously. The deeper you go into the course, the more you will find resources that will greatly impact you. You don’t have to worry about the time frame! Give it however much time you are able to give it, and trust that there will still be important takeaways whenever you come back to it. 

The results of this course will have more impact on you if you are not using the pill, as the effects of the birth control prevent your hormones from fully going around their natural cycle. However, even on the pill, many of the exercises and information in the course may create a huge difference. Whether you are hoping to quit the pill later on, or would rather stay on it for a while longer, you will find resources in there that will change your health and wellness for the better. Plus, the benefits of understanding your body and its mechanisms will follow you for the rest of your life, whether you’re on the pill or not.  

Each module contains resources; some in video form, some in audio, others in text form. We believe that you can give your body however much time you are able to. If what you can do is only give 5 minutes everyday, you will still see changes over time. Some of the exercises are shorter than 15 minutes, while some more educational modules can last up to 50 minutes. What matters is not how much time you are able to put on it, but how consistent you can be with it. Come back to it every week or every day, but come back to it. Since you have lifetime access to it, you can always return to certain modules, or take more time to finish one. 

That depends on you! Most of the modules can be done from your home with no extra support or equipment. We do not talk about supplements as this could fill an entire course on its own, but we do share some plants and natural remedies that can be used. You most likely have access to most of them easily, but if you want to get the ones you do not yet have, you will still pay well under 50$ for it. None of them are mandatory. 

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